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What does "GooeyGump" mean?

"Gooey Gump" came about as a childhood nickname given to me by my parents. It was a term of endearment when I faithfully went a little too far on a class project (...just *one* more flourescent swirl, star, or googley eye on a science fair poster meant that I had "gooey gumped" it up). It was an afternoon activity growing up as an only child "Just go to your room and gooey gump something for a few hours until dinner is ready". And perhaps the most often as a replacement curse word when I inevitably splashed, spilled, or dumped, nail polish, puffy paints, or glitter onto my bedroom carpet. But in my defense, cream colored carpet for a messy kid? What were they thinking?!


Where can I find you?

We have a small retail studio in Portland, Maine that is open every Thursday and Friday from 12-7 Saturdays 10-4. We also use this location for our smaller sized workshops and often meet customers by appointment when they are shopping outside of normal store hours. And of course, we can't help but take this show on the road every so often and we love local craft shows for community involvement!


What are your workshops all about?

We LOVE sharing our passion for painting furniture and DIY Pinterest-style projects! What is better than a girls night out or date night where you actually bring home a project that you want to show off?! We can accommodate groups up to 12 on-site in the shop (depending on the size/complexity of the project) and have other off-site spaces where we can fit a larger crowd. All public workshops can be found HERE and yes, we would love to help you with private events so please contact us to chat!


Do you do custom work?

We open up the calendar for custom work during certain times of the year, but currently we are not accepting any custom furniture clients.


Where do you find all of your furniture?

Finding the pieces that are in great condition and that speak to me creatively is the hardest part of the job. Honestly, I am constantly hunting estate sales, thrift stores, online sales sites, auctions, etc. I have high standards for functionality and cleanliness- so it takes a lot of effort but its worth it. There is no secret honey hole!