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DIY Design Services

While I work with and refer customers to a few VERY talented local interior designers, I've come to recognize that there is a gap between people looking for full design services and those who want to take a DIY (do it yourself) approach to decorating their home. Many people find themselves stuck on a certain spot in their house, finding difficulty blending decor tastes with their spouse/partner, or don't even know how to prioritize upgrading hand me down furniture from their early 20's! 

My design clients know that they aren't going to build a home that is a true reflection of themselves by walking into a furniture store and walking out with a matchy-matchy living room or bedroom "set", but sometimes they need some assistance in finding their style (without getting sucked into trends) and knowing where to search for the special pieces that make a house a home.

A GG Design Style Consult Includes:

  • Two hour in-depth design analysis
  • A full home walk through with a prioritization quiz
  • Budget considerations
  • A thorough 6+ page follow-up document containing shopping recommendations, general design tips, and inspirational photos to serve as a guide for making your new vision a reality


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